Sunday, January 10, 2010


A Little Bit About Us...

My husband Blake and I (Kristen) met many years ago when we both worked at a Ritz Camera store just out of college. We clicked right away but ended up going our separate ways for about 7 years. Then, through the magic of the internet we found one another once again. It didn't take long for us to get engaged and start this thing called "The Himsl Hunter Family". Our exclusive membership of 2 grew to 3 in 2008 with the addition of our son Ronán and now that he is a toddler, our little family as found our groove.

Blake is a freelance illustrator. He paints, sketches, draws and photographs. His current passion is using Adobe Creative Suite to bring his illustrations into the computer world.

I am a crafter at heart and my main focus is sewing. I would consider myself an intermediate sewer. I've taken a lot of classes, worked on a lot of different types of projects and have been been an avid sewer now for over 10 years. But I'm not an expert an any one kind of sewing project.

This blog is here as an outlet for our family to showcase what we're working on, provide free downloads and tutorials, sewing pattern or book reviews and general musings on all things crafty!

We sincerely welcome you and hope that you enjoy what we have to offer. Stop by any time!

~ Kristen, Blake & Ronán

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  1. Yay!! So excited to see the family craft blog come together. Maybe it will inspire my hubby to be crafty!!