Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Indoor Games

Along with my friend Pumpkin Girl, we too have been trying to find activites to play indoors during these long winter months. I came across this fishing game through, a site that I get weekly emails from and find quite useful.

The fishing game is simple. You need

Yard Stick
Magnet - one you can tie a string around
Paper Clips

Tie a string around the yard stick and then a magnet on the end where a hook would go on a fishing pole. Then you cut out all kinds of crazy fish shapes from the paper and line them with paper clips. You now have a pole and fish! Your toddler can use the fishing pole to try and catch the fish by their paper clips. I remember this game from when I was little and was really excited to try it with RonĂ¡n. He loved it too, though mostly I think he liked swinging a big yard stick around. Once he got the hang of it, he was able to get some fish and really had fun. For an older child you could put some obstacles in there, to make it more challenging, like if they had to stand behind a certain line or from behind cushions. Other parents on the website recommended not limiting it to fish and then you could do all kinds of animals, or cut out pictures from magazines and then ask them to "find the sheep" or "find the tractor".

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