Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Penguin Pants

This year I was able to finally finish up a WIP that I started in 2008 to give Blake for Christmas. I used the SewFast So Easy pattern for lounge pants called "Unisex Drawstring Pants" I had originally planned to do these for Christmas 2008, but only got as far as cutting out the pattern and fabric. I had purchased an amount of fabric juuuuuust shy of what I needed and wasn't sure how to put it all together. So I let it sit on the shelf for a year. After gaining a year's worth of wisdom or maybe it was carelessness, I decided to skip the pockets and drawstring that the pattern called for. I did a basic elastic waist and sewed up the area where pockets were supposed to be. Blake seems to like them, and they fit well. But I think he would have preferred having pockets. As a woman, our flannel pants rarely have pockets so I didn't think it would matter too much. He got a lot of wear out of them on Christmas this year though!

The fabric was a flannel pattern that features penguins that are standing so close together that it looks like an abstract design. But I know that Blake likes black and grey color combos so I went with it and hoped they wouldn't be mistaken for Zubaz!

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