Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dinosaur Bag

 What do you do with a bunch of dinosaurs constantly underfoot?  Why make a dino-bag!  Ronan is in love with dinosaurs and he got this great set (two sets, actually!) from Uncle Sean and Aunt Val for Christmas.  So I had to make a little dinosaur themed drawstring bag for him.  He really likes it!

It is so much fun making things for Ronan now that he appreciates them and he knows that I made them for him.  I can't wait for the time that he can actually make requests for things he wants/needs.

I made this bag after seeing a blog post by "The Empty Bobbin" about making drawstring bags without the use of a button hole or grommit, it was so easy it was brilliant!  (Her pattern has a different style bag, but the closure procedure was the same) I was so glad because these bags are cinch to make, look great and are very useful.  But my button holer (is that a word?) doesn't work as well as it used to and I can't find my grommit kit...  Hooray for internet tutorials!  Thank you, Empty Bobbin!

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